South Sister beckons, Oregon

Another flashback post due to lack of wifi this week.  This was in August, 2015.

Moraine Lake in the foreground.  South Sister is the tallest red peak in the back.

Moraine Lake glistened before us.  It was as far as we had planned to hike that day, a moderate 6.8 mile loop with a 2000 feet elevation gain.  Beyond the smooth surface of the lake, Charity beckoned.  She is the youngest and tallest of the three volcanic peaks collectively known as the Three Sisters.  She sang a song of beauty that had our feet pushing further up the path as if the pied piper himself were playing his song for us.


After hiking up from Moraine Lake we walked across this gorgeous plain, with a view of  South Sister in the background


The trail led us over a grassy slope and across a wide expanse called the Sandy Plain, with views of South Sister and Broken Top.


Broken top in the far distance followed along to the right of the trail


After a mile or so we reached the base of South Sister and we started the steep climb.  Her sides are adorned with shale that causes us to slide one step back with every two steps forward.  We just wanted to reach the next glacial lake then we would turn back.


Shale along the side of South Sister


Just as we reached the saddle near the top, a small glacial lake appeared in a small crater adorned with snow and ice.  We sat down for a snack and gazed at the valley before us with its multiple hues of blue and green.  The landscape that lay before me made me feel as if I were being given a glimpse into the heart of the Artist.


Small glacial lake fed by the Lewis Glacier near the top of South Sister

South Sister’s peak lay just on the other side of this crater, but would be another grueling and even steeper mile of loose rocks.  She begged us to come and we longed to comply, but the day was getting late, and the altitude brought cooler temperatures for which we were not prepared.  With one final glimpse we turned around and started hiking back down.

View near the top of South Sister


Even now sitting here in Central America as I write this I can hear the trails of the west coast calling my name.


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