About Us


We are Trinity and Bonnie.

Traveling is one of our great passions and in 2016 we decided to get rid of all our belongings holding us down and travel full time.

The purpose of this blog is so that our moms know where in the world we are and that we are still alive and having fun.  Secondly many of our friends asked us to write down what it was like. We’d like to encourage others to also do a bit more travel.

Why is our blog called 43 blue doors?  We started this adventure at the age of 43.  Blue doors signify the open world of opportunies, but mostly because we used to drive a beige car with a blue door – We loved that car.

A note from Bonnie: While this blog is written in my voice telling of things as I see them the true writer is Trinity my husband.  For most of the posts I put the content together and write the first draft.  Trinity then reviews it and brings it to life.  This blog would be nothing without him.

Contact us at 43bluedoors@gmail.com

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Photo credit: Uly Montero


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Go to Costa Rica and let me know how you like it. I love it, actually. So fun and crazy roads you won’t believe. But the people are very friendly and life is “pura vida” with fantastic views of mountains and oceans on both sides. I wish you guys all the best in your adventures and wish I was there with you. Just don’t have the cajones to do that just at this moment!


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